Terms and Conditions 

  1. Agreement period between DaaBee and Customer is for a minimum of one (1) year.
  2. Dispenser(s) are provided free of charge (on loan) to Customer provided the minimum purchase is achieved. This target is set between DaaBee and Customer.
  3. Minimum purchase for this Agreement is ____ rolls (_____________ wipes) every ____ days per  supplied dispenser.
  4. If Customer wishes to place any logo on the dispenser(s), DaaBee will assist for a fee (depending on the complexity and size of the logo).
  1. DaaBee will maintain ownership of all dispenser(s) supplied at all times.
  2. Dispenser(s) are to be located only at location(s) stated above. Relocation of the dispenser(s) requires DaaBee consent.
  3. Only product supplied by DaaBee shall be used in the dispenser(s).
  4. If any dispenser(s) supplied by DaaBee to Customer are faulty due solely to manufacturing fault and/or damage during delivery to Customer, DaaBee will replace the dispenser(s) in question free of charge.
  5. The customer is to take care of the dispenser(s). If dispenser(s) is damaged, Customer will be liable for the charges as specified in the table above.
  6. This agreement pertains to the dispensers specified in the above table as well as any other dispensers of the same type subsequently obtained by Customer from DaaBee. It is required that a new agreement is entered into for dispensers of a different type to those specified in the above table.
  7. If this agreement is breached by the Customer, DaaBee has the right to withdraw all dispenser(s) with immediate effect & the Customer must either: 
  • Return the dispensers in question to DaaBee and in doing so, cover any costs associated with removal, return and/or repairs if required.
  • Purchase the dispensers in question for the amount as specified in the above table if dispensers are damaged or not returned.
  1. Payments are due on delivery unless prior arrangements & a credit form has been filled & accepted by DaaBee.
  2. A $15.00 admin + a 10% late fee will be charged for every 7 days which the account is overdue so please ensure you pay on time.
  3. We only accept online orders via www.hygiene.daabee.com 
  4. Deliveries will be made each Thursday & Friday (Order cut off on Wednesday at 12 pm).
  5. This agreement must be signed personally by Customer for the agreement to be binding.

Payments & Account:
For non-account holders, we only accept COD, PayPal, company cheques or credit card payments & for account holders, we offer a 30 days credit terms, however, DaaBee reserves the right to cancel or reverse any discounts applied to orders due to late payment, a finance, collection & or an admin charge may also apply for late & non-payment. 

Delivery Fees:
Our free delivery requires a minimum order value for SGD $150.00 otherwise a $20.00 surcharge applies to all orders below.
Order shipped ‘on the following Thursday’

Order Collections:
Customers are welcome to collect orders if required. Our collection times are Thursday’s 10.00am to 12.00pm.

Towers & Dispensers:
Any towers or dispensers supplied by DaaBee shall remain the property of DaaBee at all times & maybe recalled back without any prior notice.